God Can Give You a Word

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Can Give You a Word

In the book of Acts chapter 27, the scripture tells us of a terrible storm that came upon a people trying to undertake a journey. In the storm voices were raised. Some would have been voices of anger, others were blaming, others were despairing, some were trying to reason their way out of the difficulty they found themselves in. There would be a myriad of all kinds of voices, but in the midst of the storm there was one man who prayed.

His name was Paul, and he heard a voice that was unlike any other voice. I have no doubt he was not a partaker of the unprofitable conversation all around him, and because of it, God gave him a word that offered hope to all the people. Oh, if ever there was a time for the church of Jesus Christ to begin to speak the hope, the truth, the power, the victory, the future we have in Christ, it is now. My brother, my sister we must.

It is time to pray!


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    Psstor Carter, you said on Tuesday that we believers in Jesus Christ have the authority to push back hell and bring forward heaven, so my husband and I are going to start praying for our neighborhood where there is one other believer. I just heard that 3 Christmases ago a drunk man fell down a neighbor's stairs at a party, hit his head, went in a coma and died 5 days later. There are dark forces here, but in Christ, we have the power to push them back! It is time to pray! God bless you & TSC!

  4. chris Robinson   •  

    Another great Word. The Battle to believe it. The Promises of God are yes and AMEN!!! 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 don't believe a lie trust God's timing Psalms 27:14 Acts 1:4 Wait on the LORD yes but pick up the promise and use it we have no other hope or tool that will work Gds word lived out is it lets thank God for it and Go pick up our manna what we need when we need it and use it AMEN!!!

  5. Gilberto   •  

    Yes Lord demonstrate unto us who look unto you with expectation and Faith to orchestrate your sovereign plan as we embark life and embrace for the most difficult and the worse and yet always believe and hope for the best especially when you are ordering our steps

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