God Can Change Anything

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Can Change Anything

At Times Square Church In New York City, we gather to pray every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. People from over 173 countries are joining with us in praying, and God is helping them with every conceivable situation.

Here’s an interesting one from the Philippines. It’s from Mike. “Glory to God. Times Square Church, thank you for praying last Tuesday for the weather conditions. We did a water baptism with 14 people. Praise God.”

That is truly amazing, thank you, Mike, for submitting that prayer request, and I guarantee you one thing folks, this is the only network you are ever going to hear this story on. There is no news network that’s ever going to report that God is able to change the weather and make it possible for 14 new believers in Christ to be baptized. Oh, I thank God, Mike, for this report. What a privilege to pray for you and with you.

And remember, it’s time to pray!


  1. debra gonzales   •  

    God is calling my husband and I to relocate to the western slope of Colorado, we are currently in Colorado Springs. It has been such incredible warfare selling our house and moving. Please pray with us that our house will sell swiftly. Thank you, Thank you Jesus and Praise You Heavenly Father for the swift sell of our home! Thank you for our brothers and sisters in Christ that are praying with us for our home to sell and for their prayer requests to be answered as well....Thank You Father, Thank You,Thank You , Thank You

  2. Tarja Lonn   •  

    First, thank you for sharing the daily prayers as well as your sermons on the web Pastor Conlon. God is speaking through those not only to Times Square Church or New York City but worldwide.
    Sermons are from God's heart just for this very time. Personally they have given me guidance, comfort and longing to know Him better and to obey Him. Also grateful that each and every sermon shows the way for those who yet do not know Jesus Christ.
    God bless you and your work abundantly.
    Also would like to send a prayer request for tonight. Please pray for my home country, God and His Word is no longer honored in goverment, schools, not even in major church. Please pray that God would do whatever needs to be done to give this country a true revival, so that people would turn back to Jesus Christ, who only can forgive us ours sins and give us a new life.
    Thank you;
    Taria from Helsinki, Finland

  3. Sandra M Quilico   •  

    May the sale happen quickly and may God bless yournew hime and transition

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