Get Up and Come Home

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Get Up and Come Home

As a church age here in America, it would appear to me that we have done exactly the same as the prodigal son in Luke chapter 15. We have taken the inheritance of the wonderful salvation God gave to us, and as a people we drifted far away from the heart of God into a place where we spent this inheritance on ourselves.

There is now a famine in the land, and as he did, we are starting to find out that many of God’s people don’t have adequate resources for ourselves, let alone make any kind of difference in the nation. But thank God this young man had the courage to get up and began to pray and talk to his father again—only to find that his father met him with covering, empowerment, and an invitation to a journey to tell others of His mercy!

Oh my brother, my sister—get up again and head home to God and begin to pray. It’s time to pray.


  1. Charles Chauveheid   •  

    Hi dear Bro Carter,

    This message does me good. I think I am of these ones who have acted like that. I am just discouraged and downcast and your message encourages me. Thank you. Greetings and blessing in our LORD JESUS CHRIST Almighty and Precious. Name. SHALOM!

  2. Kathy Bue   •  

    Pastor Carter, I cannot thank you enough for all the efforts you and tsc are making to evangelize
    those who need Jesus, and teach/ encourage/ pray for those of us who are believers already.
    It means a great deal to be able to connect with you all as a church, especially to those of us who have no church of your kind in our area.
    I spent much of Sunday glued to tsc at 9, 2 and 5 (our time), and last night at 6 as well for WW Pr Mtg, and loving every second of it! May God richly bless you, Pastor Carter and tsc (my computer keeps wanting to change tsc to tac!)
    These daily "its time to pray" devotions/ encouragements are such a help as well. It helps to feel connected to the church and the cause, even though I'm at the other end of the U.S.
    Three of my friends and I watch tsc regularly, and I let people know about these online streaming services whenever I can. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for making these available!
    I also so much appreciate your saying that we must get past the "disctinctives" of our various denominations and work together and be united as Christians. It really helps when we have a perspective of "pulling together" instead of focusing on picking apart each other's beliefs.
    Thank you again so very much and God bless you and tsc.

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