Gastineau: In His Own Words

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Gastineau: In His Own Words

Mark Gastineau, the legendary former New York Jets defensive lineman and member of the famed New York Jets Sack exchange, was wildly popular on and off the field and lived a lifestyle invoking that of a rock star.

Gastineau says of those tumultuous years, “I went down the wrong road as a player. I was making big money, but I found myself totally empty.” Pastor Carter sat down recently with Gastineau, in a must-hear interview about his life as an iconic football star and his new life in Christ—in his own words.

Recently Gastineau used his celebrity as an athlete to speak up for a high school quarterback penalized for raising a single finger to the sky in praise to God and a Bremerton, Washington assistant high school coach who’s been placed on leave for praying on the field after games.

“Mark Gastineau has come out in support of these men standing up on the athletic field for what they believe. In our increasingly anti-God society, it is imperative that this generation learn to stand for what they believe. The next spiritual awakening in America may very well start on a football field!” – Pastor Carter Conlon

The interview airs on AM 570 WMCA on Sunday, November 22, at 6:00PM. You can listen to the interview online on our prayer website


  1. Rose   •  

    Was truly a blessing and encouragement to me :-) Yes! Thank you for this :-) Blessings to you both always :-).

  2. Faiona Molliene Milwood   •  

    Fame comes and go, but for such a football player to find fame in Christ the rewards are endless

    For me, I seek Christ to rebuild my life and give me His elevation. Faiona Molliene

  3. Andrea Guzman   •  

    The transformational power of Jesus. This was a great interview. I thank Him daily for His transforming love.

  4. Melody Washington   •  

    Amazing! Thank God for you Marc

    • Oscar   •  

      I thooght finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze!

  5. Ed Diaz   •  

    I was a kid when Mark was hitting other men with fierce intensity to take their breath from their lungs, but now as a man, I see this godly man lovingly hit men with the word of God which fills men's lives with the breath of life, which is the Holy Spirit of God in Mark. Glory to God when He turns gladiators of the arena into warriors of the Word. Number 99 as a man in green, number 100 with God in the Spirit...
    Thank you & we love you, Lord Jesus, for creating this gentle giant named Marcus Dell Gastineau that now lives for Your glory and not his. Go, Mark, go!

  6. Catrena Bryant   •  

    So blessed to hear Marc's testimony. I was a Jets fan while he played & to hear how Christ has transformed him into a humble man of faith is amazing. I didn't make the connection until now, but a couple of years ago, Marc & his wife helped me carry Angel Tree supplies into the church - they just stopped to help as they walked by & I'll never forget it. Lord bless you Marc!

  7. Natasha   •  

    Last year my son who was 14 saw Mark and went up to him, Mark stopped and spoke to him and encouraged him and prayed with him.Mark was unaware of the difficult time my son was going through,and how much it meant to us that him and his wife stopped and spoke to my son. I had been praying for God to help my son,never expecting God would send Mark to encourage him.And his wonderful wife held my then 3 yr old daughter and sang a song to her.I didn't say anything, but that is a special song that I sing to my daughter since she was born.
    My husband left me and our kids last year, and it is a blessing to have spiritual dads and moms like Mark and his wife reaching out to the children. We really appreciate it. May God continue to bless them and keep them and their family,and bless the work that they do for the Lord.

  8. Henry T. Cole   •  

    I first met Mark and Joanne as we all ended up being neighbors in a new community in NJ around 12 years ago.

    As a NY Jets fan and a youth football coach for many years I had a keen interest in meeting this Defensive Man of Steel

    Life is full of surprises and Mark, who was, cautious about meeting new neighbors knocked on my door, one summer night, after living there for about 3+years. He was wearing his Jet 99 jersey and said “where’s Coach Cole”? We spoke briefly and I knew at the time that this man was going to become my friend.

    A short time after that I asked Mark to attend a small private lunch for a friend of mine that was suffering from cancer, in stage 4 and fighting for his life. Eric happened to be a Hugh NY jet fan and his favorite player was # 99. I was hesitant to ask Mark to attend, in fear that I would be imposing on our new friendship. Mark not only attended but offered a hand holding prayer for our food and a heartwarming prayer for Eric to receive the healing hands of God. By the end of lunch Mark invited Eric and his brother and I to join him at the Times Square Church the following Sunday.

    That Sunday we all attended and sat with Mark & Joanne in the balcony of this beautiful house of God. I was surprised when Mark put his arm around Eric and walked him to the front of the church where various members of the church prayed for the healing hands of God to touch Eric’s body.
    Mark’s popularity has provided him with a Hugh stage from where he shares his love of God and never misses an opportunity to whiteness for the Lord! He has touched so many souls mine included. Mark and Joanne had become my dear friends and helped me to rekindle my faith. We have spent countless hours enjoying each other’s fellowship and have become a family under God. Coach Cole.

  9. Tonya   •  

    Simply beautiful!

  10. Debbie   •  

    God will certainly not forsake someone who stands up for his namesake when their motives are right that will cause people to Know something about the God of Genesis to Revelation

  11. Kelli G Rausch   •  

    So proud of my Big Brother Marcus Dell Gastineau. His walk with Jesus is so special. Mark I love you so much and I'm forever grateful for you.
    Your Lil Sister

  12. Evangelist Nes Zapata   •  

    Thank you Mark Gastineau and Pastor Carter Conlon,

    Tonight we got a chance to listen to your powerful words. You see, we are in River Oaks treatment center, in Tampa, Florida. An Evangelist came to preach but said the Lord wanted to hear this message instead of preaching. Well, we are so glad to hear your encouraging words. Now we know the answer to question that you asked Pastor Conlon, Why me? We know now because God Loves Us.

  13. Michael Rinsler   •  

    My Name is Michael Rinsler- I just typed into Google my all time Fav NY Jet player - Mark Gastineau-- I was blown away- in the best way in the world- to find out -- that Mark has this beautiful Connection with GOD !- I just joined a Church myself -- and am soon going to be born again -- I grew up in Bayside Queens- and knew Mark lived there at one time and even would stop in to a gym I used to go to there . I always hoped to run into the Sack Master King- but never did -- we all make mistakes -- I just turned 60 last Christmas Day - I believe I am just a little older than Mark -- and-- lol-- to this day -- still a Jet fan - and waiting for the second coming of .. a Sack exchange .... Which may never come -- but-- most important -- I love seeing that Mark -- as I .. have Found God-- and I am sure this Mighty Giant - will spread the word-- and--- lol-- still -- knock people out-- and SACK EM AGAIN- - harder than ever!!!-in a Great way-- with Spreading -the Powerful word of God!!!- Mark my man - 99 is a legend - and to this day- the Greatest Jet to ever play the game -- and the most exciting player to watch !!!!!!!!!!/ thanks for the best Jet memories of all time - and if you are ever going to be in Long Island -- I want you to come to my Church my Brother - Shelter Rock - in Syosset !!!!- I am going through some hard times now myself - and can sure use a great prayer from you- I don't think you will ever read this - but anything is possible - my number for a quick text or call is .. 516-996-4920 --- God bless you My brother / very sincerely ..Michael Robert Rinsler

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