Father Forgive Me

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Father Forgive Me

In Luke, chapter 15, Jesus Christ spoke of a young man who took the inheritance his father had given him and wandered far away from the plan and purposes of God. Many people in our generation have done this. We’ve been given an inheritance of the ability of God within us to make a difference in our generation. But many have taken that inheritance of life and have used it on self-consumption, just as this young man did.

A famine came into the land, and that famine began to stir his heart, and he got up and wanted to go back to his father’s house again. Oh, how surprised he must have been to find that the father was willing to cover his failure, empower him, put shoes on his feet and invite him into an incredible journey!

When you begin to pray, the doorway to God’s power begins to open, miracles begin to happen, and lives begin to change because your message now is about the power and the mercy of God.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Tom   •  

    I thank God for you Pastor Carter for taking a stand for Jesus and being a blessing to this generation.All of your messages have the fire of God in them and they are a great blessing.Iam praying for you everyday, I realize your on the frontlines of the battlefield for souls to be saved.

  2. Davinder   •  

    ohh Pastor Carter - how I thank God for your preaching and revealing the heart of God to us, His people. I love christian service but it's a dry land why am I in the desert here in London, Uk

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