Family Prayers Answered

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Family Prayers Answered

At our Tuesday night prayer meeting here in New York City, God is touching people’s lives in a marvelous way. I do thank God for the reports that are coming in of people who are gathering to pray. God is touching people’s families in a particularly special way.

Here’s one from Vermont, “Mary’s daughter carried a full term baby. The hospital mishandled the birth. The baby died. She struggled whether to have another baby. Last week she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Praise God.”

And from Great Britain, “God has opened for us a new way to go, and we have started the preparation for moving our family. It will be a long way, but we know when God speaks the word, it will be. Glory to God, and thank you, Times Square Church.”

From Oregon, “Glory to God, my son Emmanuel graduated from high school. Thanks for your prayers; he’s off the street now for over seven months. Pray that he will be a man of God.”

It’s time to pray.


  1. Sue   •  

    I have a special ,special unspoken need ....please pray

  2. Rose   •  

    Prayer request: Prayer for my marriage and family & myself! That God's Will be done in our lives. We really need Guidance and Direction. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me :-) He is :-) Yes! God has proven Himself Faithful :-) Thank you Carter :-) Blessings to you always:-)!

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