Families Are Being Healed

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Families Are Being Healed

Every Tuesday evening at 7PM Eastern Time, here in New York City, we have a time of prayer that is attended by people from over 160 countries live via the Internet. People are sending us their prayer requests, but there also is a blessing to see so many praise reports-especially in the area where families are being touched.

Here’s Dan from Florida: “Haven’t had any contact with our son in many years. Saturday, while visiting our town, he and his wife called; we got to meet with him. Great time of fellowship and reunion! Definitely a prayer answered.”

Here’s Shonda from Grand Junction, Colorado: “It’s been a long, hard struggle but your prayers have kept me alive and have caused reconciliation between me and my son. Keep praying for my soul!”

Here’s Kimberly from Wasilla, Alaska: “Huge answer to prayer. I have been reconciled with my daughter-in-law, and we have date nights every Friday to go out and eat together!”

My brother, my sister, remember, it’s time to pray.


  1. Paola   •  

    Please pray also for my family. I raised up my elder children in Jesus, but now that they are growing up and had become adolescents they are doubting and one of them has said she doesn't believe. My husband an I has had many problems in our relation. Adultery in the past but never really repented so he has never given his heart to Jesus, on the contrary he rejects him. I need Jesus to heal my family, I need a miracle!!! Thank you!

  2. Sandy   •  

    Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I would like to praise God and thank you for healing my marriage and bringing supernatural reconciliation, our marriage is unrecognizable..He reigns forever more.As we stand together in these last days we shall never cease to pray for one another and I am grateful that in Gods sovereign timing he answers our prayers according to his will.Praising God for your faithfulness too all that you do in your love for our saviour Jesus Christ.

    Sandy (Canada)
    Hebrews 11:1

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