Families are Being Changed

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Families are Being Changed

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm, here in New York City, we have a time of prayer that is attended by people from over 160 countries, live, via the Internet. People are sending us their prayer requests, but we’re also blessed to see the praise reports. Let me just share a couple of those with you.

Here’s Angela from Elk Grove, California. “God has awesomely answered our prayers for my daughter Amanda, an SSG. She’s in the Army National Guard and is reading her Bible.” Thank you Lord and thank you TSC.

And here’s Heather O’driscoll from Torbay in Canada. Pastor Carter, I heard you the other week speak of me and my husband, Gary. We were blessed. Gary walked right into the room at the right time. He gave his testimony last Sunday at church and he would love to speak to you. Thank you.

I’d love to speak with Gary, and with you, too, Heather, as well.

Remember, it’s time to pray.

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  1. Nancy Claire Tuck   •  

    Praise the Lord for me finding this church through the web! I'm fasting with you, so excited to pray tonight, and committed to lift requests daily! This world is in desperate need! It's heartbreaking, but stirring my soul to pray, believing. Thank you so much, TSC. We love you, from Texas.

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