Escape the Negative

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Escape the Negative

If you have been looking for an escape lately from all the negative speech that is going on around you, then I want to invite you to our Worldwide Prayer meeting on Tuesday nights. Be a part of something positive, like praying for other people’s needs. God is phenomenally answering prayer.

Here’s Camille from New York, “Thank you for praying, Maya who was in the ICU with the flu, God has healed her and she’s now at home. My co-worker is now in awe of God’s power.” Thank you Camille for telling us about this.

Sheryl from Riverside, Mississippi says, “My daughter has Leukemia and we’ve prayed for three years she is now in remission, Praise God.”

And from Buford, Georgia “I submitted a prayer request for the salvation of my family in South Korea, my dad miraculously accepted Jesus just before he died, thank God”. We thank God with you.

Remember everybody, it’s time to pray!

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  1. chris Robinson   •  

    What a blessing to be encouraged by God's Word it never returns void, not at the river bank. All in with God, sink or swim, all in Ezekiel 43-47. The temple, out of us rivers of living water, amen to Jesus. Thank you Jesus for you all AMEN!!!

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