Don’t Miss Your Miracle

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Don't Miss Your Miracle

If you are not praying with us on Tuesday night in our Worldwide Prayer Meeting here in New York City at Times Square Church, you are missing some incredible miracles that God could be doing for you. Let me give you some examples.

California: “Thank you for praying for our lukewarm church. He’s given us increase in our prayer meeting. People are starting to believe that the Lord is awakening.”

And here’s one from New York: “I can’t stop praising Jesus because He healed me from diabetes. No more medication and insulin. Three times I forgave, and I got the miracle.”

From Georgia, “God did something amazing in my marriage. Last night, he brought me to the truth, to confession, and prayer and release. Today things are so different, glory to Him.”

And from Huntsville, “I asked for prayer for my 87-year-old father who needed salvation; his health is failing and time seemed short. He gave his heart to Jesus yesterday.”

It’s time folks to pray!


  1. Cindi   •  

    I am so grateful and encouraged to read how the Lord is answering prayers!
    I praise Him along with you!

  2. Maggie Andrews   •  

    This is Maggie in NC. A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for Lily, an in utero baby with spina bifida. God heard and answered! Defying all odds, Lily was not spontaneously aborted; nor did she need surgical delivery. She even birthed face down, thus protecting the fragile spinal membrane. She had surgery the same day and the opening was covered with her own skin. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness!

    How can I send you her photo?

  3. Gabriel   •  

    miracle in finance, and begin my university studies, and win the souls of the University for Christ. I'm Gabriel from Argentina

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