Don’t Give Up On Your Family

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Don't Give Up On Your Family

Every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time, here in New York City, we have a Worldwide Prayer Meeting that is attended by people from 175 countries live via the Internet. People are sending us their prayer requests, but we’re also blessed to see the praise reports. Let me share a few of those with you.

Here’s Steven from Washington, “The Lord blessed my wife and me with a beautiful little girl yesterday after 11 years of marriage-thank You Lord.” Thank you Steven for sharing that with us.

And here’s Doris from Toronto, Canada, “My niece Tara is coming home like a prodigal daughter from California because of a wrong relationship with a stranger. Thank you your prayers, God bless you.” God bless you Doris for writing to us, and letting us know.

And remember everybody out there, don’t give up on your families. Pray for them. Watch God begin to do miracles.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Helen sewell   •  

    God has made a covenant ratified by his blood on the cross that he will have a people. Our children are part of that promise Lord give them one heart to serve you. We just need to pray on the basis of his oath and blood. Halelujah

  2. Sam Tuplin   •  

    A timely Word Carter. Thank you. May God richly bless yiou.

  3. Karen   •  


    Very encouraging. ..I have 4 Prodigal as well.....Thanks for sharing

  4. sheri Camarda   •  

    Amen Pastor Carter! Just had Sunday service with TSC and oh, how the Holy Spirit came into my room. Today is my fasting day to pray for my loved ones and then at four I stream live the prayer meeting. Sometimes I dont see any results from my prayers for my family who dont know you. One on meth, but I know that I know You hear my prayers for them and that You Holy Spirit are working in their lives. You are so faithful and You love them even more than I. Praise Your Holy Name Jesus.Praying!

  5. Barbara Ferguson   •  

    How can I join please? I need prayer for my husband and children. My husband seeks to divorce me after 36 years of marriage. He has moved in with another man's wife. We met in Bible College and were missionaries. Our 4 children support him and refuse to see me because I continue to depend on God and attend my church. Inlove the Lord but am devastated. Barbara, Belfast x

    • Darlene   •  

      Barbara. I want to encourage you to not give up. We have 2 adult children not walking with the Lord, yet. My husband struggles with his walk. His job was robbing him of sleep and rest. I was concerned for his health and life. He broke his leg on 3/16/17. He can't work for 3 months. So he has to rest. I'm watching as God starts to send people to minister and pray for him. Lord, whatever it takes to get a hold of them. Your will be done! Lord, give them hearts of flesh Ezekial 11 & Jer 32.

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