Don’t Give Up Believing

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Don't Give Up Believing

I want to personally thank you today, all of you those that are writing in and telling us that you are part of our Worldwide Prayer Meeting, and you are continuing to believe for your victory in the situation that you are facing. We are continuing to believe with you.

Kim, in San Jose, “For almost a year,” she says, “I asked for prayer for severe back pain. It’s almost gone and I feel back to normal now. Thank you, don’t give up believing God is a healer.”

And from Caroline in North Carolina, “Thank the Lord Jesus for helping a painful nerve condition in my face get better. I’m praying for complete healing. God has given me the strength and mercy to go on.”

Lord we ask for Kimberly, we ask for Caroline, God, that you would touch them, you would do a miracle in their lives, you would give them the courage and strength oh God, to proclaim the victory that you are more than willing to give them. We ask this in Jesus name.

Remember, it’s time to pray.


  1. Rudy Torrez   •  

    TSC, I as well, continue to pray and believe that God will soon heal, deliver me from anxiety and all symptoms of anxiety. And not only me but all those suffering from this affliction! I pray that we will all stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Thank You for continual prayers.

    • j   •  

      Amen and amen

  2. Chris Robinson   •  

    Just what I needed in my season of life Phil 1:3-11 and highlighting Phil 1:6 with the attitude of Thanksgiving and Prayer, God will give us as I know beyond any shadow of a doubt just what is needed Phil 4 and Ps 23:1. Plus, I don't always do it right but I try my best to be perfect and do God's will always so as we surrender all to Jesus AMEN and thank you Jesus AMEN!!!

  3. Annie   •  

    Jesus, our Healer.
    The same yesterday, today and forever. Our true hope in all our afflictions, and The Answer to All our prayers.

  4. Frannie Antonucci   •  

    Thank you TSC, I have my grandsons for the summer, they are learning to pray :-). God is touching them and giving me wisdom and discernment we are having fun and learning about JESUS.
    I am being healed of pneumonia. My daughter Teresa and husband Tom are gonna be saved in JESUS name.. Bless you all I watch you regularly. Thank you for all you do :-) in Christ. Frannie.

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