it's time to pray
it's time to pray

Here at Times Square Church, in New York City, we gather to pray every Tuesday night from 7 to 8:30 PM, Eastern Time. It’s called Worldwide Prayer. People are joining us live on the Internet from over 160 countries. You’d be amazed at how God is answering their prayers.

Here’s a couple of examples. From Waynesboro, Virginia: “Your prayers for my brother were answered; he came off painkillers after 20 years of taking 8 to 12 a day. God healed him! It was rough for a few months and all, but he never returned to it. Praise God!”

Here’s Hannah, from Sue Saint Marie, Michigan: “God is amazing! After 24 years of having seizures, I am seizure free and off all medication. It was fear and torment that had me bound. Praise God, I have a family-you-of prayer warriors that are fighting for me.” Thank God for you, Hannah.

Folks, it’s time to pray.


  1. sheila   •  

    Pray for my sister ..God is changing and deliver her from sizeure..... Sitting her in her right mind...yes he me pray.

  2. Tina Garsee   •  

    Heal me from all sickness in my body Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen. Glory to God Almighty.

  3. Regina   •  

    Desiring a total healing for my mom's hip. She's had some hip replacement, went through therapy. Had been well. Then weeks later, the pain is so bad just moving is very painful, much less walking. She's been through so much!! Thanks so much for praying!

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