Choices Have to be Made

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Choices Have to be Made

We’re living in a society today where there are all kinds of people and organizations that seem devoted to destroying everything that has to deal with prayer and the name of God in this society. There’s a point, even throughout history, where men, women, and children have to make a choice. Do we obey those things that is telling us to do what our conscience dictates is the right thing?

Every man, woman, and child in the United States of America was born and given life by Almighty God, and we are called to come back to Him in prayer and to worship Him and to live for Him and to listen to Him and to serve Him. There comes a time, one of the apostles said that “we ought to obey God and not men.” So let them launch their lawsuits all they want to launch. We will continue to go our knees. We will continue to pray.

God bless you, those who are standing for truth, for I believe as you do—it’s time to pray.


  1. Andrew Maher   •  


    My name is Andrew, I have followed Times Square church especially the sermons of Pastor Carter and before that Pastor Wilkerson. Just want to say from Australia, Melbourne I am praying for your church and standing with you in spirit. God bless you all, Keep fighting the good fight. Never lose heart, eternity is but a breath away..God is with you and all his children, I applaud your steadfast faith.

  2. Debbie Santulli   •  

    There is no place I would rather be than on my face before the Lord. Praying without ceasing, listening for Gods presence and guided by His words.
    Thank you Pastor Carter for your commitment to being in Gods presence and obedience to Gods direction.

  3. Denise Winters   •  

    Pastor Conlon you, your staff and church are heavy on my heart. I cannot imagine the pressures and attacks you must face. Please know that there are many who the Holy Spirit prays through for you and your church. We need what the Holy Spirit is saying through you. Be encouraged....God's got your back TRULY!

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