Bring Him the Little Things

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Bring Him the Little Things

Sometimes we think that God is only concerned about the big things. But in our Worldwide Prayer Meeting, every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time here at Times Square Church, we are finding out that God is concerned about everything. Here are some examples.

Here’s Ashley from Florida, “Thank you TSC for encouraging the weary, single parents and giving us strength in prayer.”

Here’s Claire from New York, “I submitted two prayer requests regarding my job searching. The first job application I got hired and all the issues are resolved. Praise the Lord, He surpasses my requests.”

And here’s Janet from Middle Island, “We asked for prayer for an apartment last week and a job for our 17-year-old son. We were blessed with a beautiful condo and our son got blessed with a new job today. Praise the name of the Lord.” Bring everything to the Lord and watch what He will do.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Diane   •  

    Hello from London, please could you pray for my brother in law who has stage 4 cancer and is semi concious and for a friend in Africa who has TB. He needs money to go home from South Africa to Zimbabwe. I would be grateful if you could also pray for my daughters boyfriend who does not belive in the Lord, his name is Carl. And lastly, please, could you pray for financial breakthrough and that the promises God has made my husband and i to manifest. Many thanks. May God bless Times Sq Churc

  2. Lisa   •  

    God I give my heart to You... it is broken and I feel so lost and alone.

    • Janet   •  

      Dear Lisa, I am from Cleveland Tennessee and just read your comments and am praying for you now. May God reveal Himself to you in many new ways
      Pay attention

  3. Nellie   •  

    Please pray for my family. Marital problems. Am praying and having faith in God. Working on becoming a better wife and person. Pray for son also with upcoming sats. Also looking for a financial breakthrough. Need a higher income and a more space for living arrangement. Pray for my dad so he will be able to walk out of the rehab.

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