Ask For the Eyes of Faith

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Ask For the Eyes of Faith

Job chapter 9 verse 11, “If he goes by me I do not see him. If he moves past, I do not perceive him.

I want you to think today of the numbers of people in the Bible and throughout history who were crying out for a divine encounter with God. Think also of the multitudes who had the Son of God pass right in front of them, yet they didn’t recognize that the answer to their cry had come. Why is this you say? I think it the answer is quite simple.

They’d already formed a picture in their minds of what His presence and subsequent victory that accompanies it should look like. As with Job, we often make the mistake of asking God to do something that He is already doing. We often don’t see the victory that is right before our eyes. Ask God for eyes of faith today. It’s time to pray.

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