Answered Prayer for a Son

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Answered Prayer for a Son

Today we have in the studio with us, a young lady called Christina, from California and the Lord’s been answering prayer request that she’s been submitting in a spectacular way. Christina, tell us about one of the answered prayers that you’ve had.

“I submitted a request for my son who is in the military; and was going to be sent to Africa to help with the Ebola crisis. And you read the prayer out loud, and after you prayed, my son-they took his name off the list to go to Africa. And I was like, ‘praise God!’ I didn’t want him to go and you know the Lord moved immediately on that.”

Well, I always tell people, “if your mother is praying for you, you might as well give up, you’re doomed. Bend your knee to God.”

Thank God for this wonderful report, of a mother who cared about the future of her son; and for those that are considered for the future of their children, remember God is truly answering prayer.

It’s time, for you and I, to pray.


  1. Claribel   •  

    Oh, thanks so much for sharing this testimony. It blessed & encouraged me so much. Praise the Lord! God is so good & faithful!

  2. Gladys   •  

    We had an SOS prayer fellowship at my apartment this past Saturday. I put up a bulletin board and ask the Prayerpartners to text one request which I placed on post it's. One person came, but Linda and myself prayed for each request. The Lord met us. And last night He answered my unmentioned request for my peace in my own apartment. Last night through 311 was able to have two police officers come to my building and speak to the tenants above my apartment! Peace after 7 months! God made a way!

  3. Kelly Bamgbaiye   •  

    This testimony fills me with greater hope for my daughter who is trying her best to deny there is a God. Her voice says one thing but her eyes say another.
    Are children are indeed blessed to have praying parents and one day they will bow the knee to the King of Kings as their Lord and Saviour.

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