Angry People Are Getting Healed

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Angry People Are Getting Healed

In our Tuesday night prayer meeting here at Times Square Church we are getting some very unusual answers to prayer; even people who are angry with God are getting healed.

Now listen to this from California, “Thank you for praying with me for a woman who was very angry with God. She reluctantly let me pray for her healing, and then I put it on the list. On Sunday, she told me that God had healed her, praise the Lord.”

Here’s another one, “I put in a prayer request 2 years ago that I came across last night, for blessings for my sister to find love, and I’m happy to say she’s getting married in 2 weeks. Thank you Times Square Church.”

From Connie in Rahway, New Jersey, “Thanks for praying for Jordan’s safety in Afghanistan. A sniper bullet grazed past his head, but missed his chest as he bent down to pick something up. Prayer is powerful.”

My friend listen to me, it’s time to pray.

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  1. Helga Karl   •  

    The answers to prayers for angry People at GOD encouraged me to ask you to pray for my daughter Catherine (27) she is mad at GOD for many reasons and left HIM out of her life, although I can see how HE is Blessing and protecting her all along.
    Also pray for my best friend and Mentor my former work mate Peter (55) who is no believer (yet) because he is so angry at GOD when a Little Boy.

    Thank You.
    Helga, Vienna Austria Europe

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