A Screw In A Tire

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
A Screw In A Tire

I just love the Tuesday night prayer meeting here at Times Square Church. It is just absolutely phenomenal to see the things that God is doing in people’s lives and to hear their praise reports. Some people are getting healed from life-threatening conditions, and others are praise reports of little things, which causes me to be thankful because God is concerned about the little things as well as the big things.

Here’s an example of that from Newark, Delaware, “a screw got stuck in my car tire. I asked God for favor to make the repair affordable. The mechanic pulled out the screw, there is no leak, no repair needed.” Thanks Dave for sending that in to us.

And Steve here from New York says, “on Saturday someone stole my three shoes left outside my apartment. I asked God to touch the heart of the robber, and my shoes were returned today. God is fighting for us!” Yes Steve, He is. Thank God for these reports.

Remember it’s time to pray!

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  1. Elizabeth Caputo   •  

    I recently was feeling a financial stress but I turned my worry into prayer. I had a debt of $1,500. Canceled and I received a check from someone least expected with an enclosed note that God put it on her heart to send me this gift. God honors a widows mite. I don't have any saving but I have taken food out of my closet a few times to help. God ALWAYS blesses. I have never been totally without. He is our provider all Glory to God

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