A Prayer for a Child

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
A Prayer for a Child

Healings are just some of the many miracles that we are experiencing during our Worlwide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. God is moving in a miraculous way.

Let me just share one particular one with you.  This is Ann Marie from Naples, Florida, “Seven- month-old Colette, after two brain surgeries, five rounds of chemo, and organ failure, has miraculously turned around and is out of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit as of the 29th of April. Praise Jesus,” she says. “Thank you for praying”.

God almighty, we ask you Lord that this baby would be a living testimony of Your power and Your compassion, that You would raise her up oh God, and let her be a child of delight and joy in Your sight and in the sight of her family.

We thank you for this, in Jesus name. This is Carter Conlon reminding you: it’s time to pray.


  1. Chris Robinson   •  

    As we stand on the promises of God John 10:10 and we know the test of endurance Luke 4:10-11 not in self Zech 4:6 we think and God says wait a time and then temp tries to take over God says eternal Luke 19:10 one story the saving power through it all forever Christ alones let Jesus keep us fixed on saving grace alone and as we pray God will 1 Pet 1:9 our only reward and the results praise God thank you Jesus Rev 7:9 outcome AMEN!!!

  2. Jennifer   •  


  3. Gale C   •  

    Thank-you heavenly Father for your healing power! You are a Most Wonderful God!

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