Prayer Requests - WY

Doris Taylor,, my mom, has been placed on Hospice care. Pray as a family we are able to give 24 hour care to her for as long as we need to and peace.

A friend just found out she has stage 4 cancer: breast, both lungs, spleen, brain and heart. Pray for healing.

Pray that my husband is delivered from pornography and never looks at it again. He is a Christian.

Please pray for Allyssa. She has a job interview today. She really needs this job and medical insurance. She also needs a place to live. Thank you.

God is starting a new thing. He is getting us prepared to save lives and to endure what is coming. Need prayer for strength to keep going.

I quit a job over COVID-19 vaccination. Please pray as I have 3 kids and need a good job.