Prayer Requests - WY

Please pray for Allyssa M., that God would open the door for her to get a job, she has been applying for jobs for a very long time. Thank you.

Please pray for my daughter. She is 35-years-old. She divorced her husband last winter and claims to be gay. She has completely shut me out.

Please pray for my sister Caterine to be healed physically and mentally. To be able to give testimony of God's grace and mercy.

Please pray for Archie, as the doctors found a mass in between his throat and lung. Pray for healing and salvation. Thank you. God bless.

Oh please pray for my husband-bound by the spirit of Jezebel. He has even gone so far as to divorce me after 30 years! Please pray to a wake-up call.

Please pray for my daughter's health issues as they are many. Also, for her issue with the loss of her father. Acceptance has not come.