Prayer Requests - WV

Please pray for me. I never believe in nor have confidence in myself. I also need more inspiration to play the violin.

I'm stressed. My dad drinks and berates my mom and I. I'm also stressed with school projects and problems between my friends and I. Please pray.

My husband has turned against God after his Christian mother died. I can not take his bitterness and hate anymore. Please pray he come back to Christ.

Please pray for my son-in-law who is in his 30's and having heart problems. He may be facing surgery if God does not heal him.

Please pray for Erin. She has cancer in her eye. Please pray that the spot is all that will have to be removed. She is a violin teacher raising her son.

I pray that the men in my life (father, brother, husband, etc) turn to God and I hope to be filled with the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.