Prayer Requests - WV

Please pray that this man is delivered from the lust of the world. He needs to be saved and spirit-filled. May he repent for his lifestyle. Salvation.

Pray for protection and reconciliation for my family. Please, cast out Satan and the demonic spirits from my family. Pray for my three daughters.

My nephew's wife is on life support, after just having had a C-section. She, my nephew, and his oldest daughter are all positive for COVID-19. Pray for healing.

Please pray for my family. Drugs have caused so much pain. I have two nephews going to prison this week, father and son. The younger is only 19.

Randy is scheduled for stomach tumor surgery tomorrow. He confesses faith in Jesus. Please pray things go normally and his life will be extended.

My husband needs a miracle for his bladder to work normally when they remove his catheter next week. Pray God will be glorified in his healing.