Prayer Requests - WI

Pray that my family comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also pray for my mother's eye sight to be healed. I need strength and peace.

Pray the Lord would heal my lungs from bronchitis and wheezing. Pray for my husband Tim's salvation and deliverance from alcohol and for the healing of sleep apnea.

Please pray for God to heal, deliver, and restore Robin and Greg's marriage. They are in a crisis! Pray for Greg's mental health and addictions.

Pray for my older brother Dave. He disowned our family and didn't come to our mom's funeral. For healing, restoration, and forgiveness.

Please pray for my brother Mike's health and strength, deliverance from alcohol, protection for him and his wife from contacting COVID-19 because she has COPD.

Please pray for my sister-in-law Holly. That the Lord would heal her mind and physical body. She has severe COPD and depression from isolating at home.