Prayer Requests - WA

My niece Wendee is having cancer surgery on Wednesday. They havent' given her much hope. Please pray they will be able to remove it all.

Please pray for Jude who's grieving her husband's death due to COVID-19. Financial hardship, and healing for her ailing dog, Magic, her only companion.

Please pray peace and protection over my brother. I ask for God's grace, mercy, and compassion on him. Please pray for new hope and new life in Jesus.

Please pray that God would place some Christian friends in my life and also for my memory. I have a hard time focusing and retaining what I read.

Pray for Caleb, my 7-year-old grandson. He has a tumor on his brain. We are asking for a miracle and that he would not need chemo.

Please pray for our adult children. They have all walked away from the Lord and have embraced the world and its godless thinking. Thank you TSC.