Prayer Requests - WA

Prayer for my elderly mother and our caregivers for Jesus to arrest dementia and Parkinson's and for renewed joy and peace.

Please pray for God to free my husband from the sin of adultery, change his cruel heart, stop the divorce, and restore our marriage. Pray for me and my 2 kids.

Prayer for understanding the ministry of God's Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit in the church and individuals having gifts.

I am requesting prayer for my enemy to turn to God. Prayer for healing of my ankles. Also for protection, safety, and my finances.

Pray- 2 young women severely abused including church abuse. God, heal and supply every need. Give them hope and safe friends. Your love, O God!

Pray for a young lady that was trafficked and is trying to be healed from all harm and needs stability now. God, help her to recover!