Prayer Requests - WA

Pray that God would bless us with a better place to live. I have a small trailer now. I would like to get a 2-bedroom place with everything working inside.

Pray for salvation of my adult children: Charles, Carrie and Gilbert. Pray also for restoration of my relationship with my oldest son Charles who is keeping me from seeing my grandson.

Thanks TSC, please continuously pray for my family, churches, me and this world for many unspoken requests. I plead the blood of Jesus on all of us, in Jesus' name.

Pray for a young lady getting her driver's license. Also for God to help her in her job. She loves and follows God. Thanks!

Our grandchildren are depressed and lonely from isolation from COVID-19. Pray God saves their souls and shows them His purpose for them. Thanks!

Pray for God to heal a prison inmate that needs a restored relationship with her dad who is dying. He does not want to see her. Jesus, touch them!