Prayer Requests - WA

Requesting prayer for a nephew who's scheduled to have a tooth extraction. Pray that God will protect him and bring him through it safely, with a perfect outcome.

Prayer for depression. Prayer on how to do battle with mental battles. Also, want a husband. Prior to the divorce, I had no depression. Reason to live.

Thanks TSC, Bishop Doyle needs healing. Please continuously pray for my family, churches, and me. Also, the world for many unspoken requests, plead the blood of Jesus.

Save USA and send revival. Book miracles. Save unsaved family, awaken saved, protect and teach kids. Walk with God. Teeth. Heal/save JM, C, BE, NN, and neighbors. Healing.

Father God bless our move with Your favor. May we find a buyer for our house. May we find a good place to rent, in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray.

We have a 16-year granddaughter that has been through severe abuse at the hand of her father (our son). Please pray for God to heal and save her! Thanks.