Prayer Requests - VT

Please continue to pray for Aigul, that she would walk with God and not run away from Him. Pray God would protect her in this process.

Please pray for my unborn baby to be born at full term, and healthy with no abnormalities. We are believing God for a miracle. Thank you.

Pray for God to bless my business. I’m not sure what direction to take it so I’m praying He opens doors. I need this to be His Business.

Pray for Aigul to come to Christ and find what she has been looking for all her life. Protect her in this process.

Pray for wisdom on handling finances, moving, perhaps buying a small farm. Pray for a blessing on my new business as well.

I am waiting on an answer to prayer for the teams I’m on. One individual has done significant damage to my name and is helped by the union. I am praying he is exposed.