Prayer Requests - VT

Asking, praying, and believing for healing of the entire urinary system that often affects men that are 60 years and older. Thank you and love You Jesus.

Asking for healing in my urinary system. Urologist are rare. Not sure what is causing these burning sensations. Could be BPH? No infection found. Thank YOU!

Praise God. Please pray for relief and complete healing for Prostatitis (or might be a urinary tract infection.) Thank You.
God Bless You Richly, Ralph.

I need to hear from God about a relationship. I am tired and I have been asking for years.

For God's Divine plan/order, scriptural, to be loved. Asked the Lord why are such evil men are in authority sometimes? Why are there deadly viruses? You LOVE us. Why such events?

An opportunity did not come to fruition about 10 years ago. If possible, I would like to see it come to pass again. Has to be God.