Prayer Requests - VA

Please pray for Kristen, my good friend's daughter. Her thyroid cancer has returned. I pray for salvation and the complete healing of her body! IHN.

Please pray that I have energy, strength, and protection from my enemies. Great health to do an excellent job; it's not busy at work today and tonight and I can.

Pray that Dalton will recognize God's voice. He often gets confused if he's hearing from God or not. Pray that God gives him clarity on his purpose.

Please pray for strength, wisdom, and protection for R. And L., ministering to quake victims in Turkey. They've lived there for many years. Thank you.

Please pray for V., in a care facility for dementia, and his wife, S., at home. They both are firm believers in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Sherry V.'s healing (migraines, congestion, sore throat) and grief over their parents' death.