Prayer Requests - VA

Autistic son and daughter were overcharged tuition by College by $9000 for not submitting a form. College refuses to reimburse. Miracle needed.

Please pray that my son goes to school when he is supposed to and that I have peace in my family and life. Amen.

I ask that God will have mercy on me and heal my severe depression and anxiety, as well as my physical health from long COVID. God please use me for you.

Please pray that I have energy, strength, protection, favor do an excellent job and it's not busy today and tonight and I can go to the store a few times.

Please pray that I sleep great tonight and I'll have energy and alertness tomorrow. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Please pray for my son. He has been diagnosed with narcolepsy. It is so hard for him to get through daily life. Praying for full healing.