Prayer Requests - UT

Mark 10:13-16. Please pray no matter how bad evil gets, Jesus stops the sex trafficking, kidnapping, abuse, and murder of children in 2021. God's hand be on this evil.

Pray for Jesus to stop the kidnapping Rape and abuse of babies children and teenagers for psalm 91 over our children 2021.

Please pray for Cal and Diana, devout Mormons, for their eyes to be opened to the truth and to be delivered from false religion. Thanks!

Prayer for Tim B and his team who go after kidnapped children, and pedophiles putting them up for sale.

Please pray for my Aunt Carmen, who is 92 and a devout Mormon. I pray that the Lord will open her eyes to truth and lead her to salvation. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend Janet, in Smithfield Utah, who is a devout Mormon. That the Lord will deliver her from false religion into the truth.