Prayer Requests - UT

Please pray for my mom and her boyfriend (Lila, Jack), devout Mormons, in their 80s and 90s. May the Lord will open their eyes and lead them to truth.

Healing in my marriage. Salvation to my prodigal son Christian, daughter Rebecca, her husband Raelis. A solid church in north Ogden Utah.

I need purpose; I feel like I am all alone in a foreign land, just waiting. I have no husband, no children. I'm alone. I thank God for my salvation!

Please pray for my brother who is gay, that the Lord will soften his heart and lead him to eternal life. Thank you.

Please pray for Nishad in India, for his fever to break, and his cough to heal. Pray that he would have the strength to cook and eat, or that help comes to him.

Please pray for my brother Kelly and his wife Kristin who are Mormons, to come to the Lord and be saved. Thank you.