Prayer Requests - UT

Please pray for my brother, Kelly, who is a Mormon. That the Lord will cause him to soften his heart, open his eyes, and bring him into salvation.

Please pray for my Uncle Bob, who has cancer. He doesn't have much time left and he is a Mormon. Please, pray the Lord will open his eyes and for his salvation.

Please pray for Howard. He is 53 and in a rest home bedbound. Going through a divorce and so much more. Pray the Lord comforts him and for his salvation.

Please pray for my mom, Lila, who is a Mormon. Pray that the Lord opens her eyes and causes her to be willing to soften her heart to the truth and turn away from lies.

Please pray for Becky, an unbeliever, for the Lord to deliver her from the evil one, to open her eyes, and bring her to repentance and salvation.

Please pray for Katie, who is in the hospital struggling with blood clots and staph infection. Also for strength and comfort for her family.