Prayer Requests - TX

Remember me and my son on Tuesday night. Pray for Jesus to send solid praying Christians to fellowship with us and for Texas.

Please play for my mom Rosanne to come to faith in Christ. She lives about an hour and a half north of New York City.

I was scammed out of all the money I had saved up. Please pray for God's favor as I interview for a job today. Please pray for the scammer's salvation.

Pray for me to rebuild my life with Jesus. I sinned, left the Lord out of my life for many years, and now reaping a storm. Not hearing Him. Pray is not too late.

I'm grouchy and sarcastic recovering from two strokes and working out of state. Please remember me on Tuesday night.

Please pray for me for my relatives, for Jesus to be Lord and Savior for a visitation of His Spirit, His word for shepherds, and praying church.