Prayer Requests - TN

Our son, and daughter-in-law, have COVID-19 and are high risk. They are scheduled for the monocular antibody therapy tomorrow. Please pray for God's mercy.

Deliverance from sexual sin. Also, a touch in the body for healing of cancer! I am alone!

Patricia in hospital with Covid in Fayetteville, NC. Loves the Lord and family requesting healing prayers. Weak heart rate and 3 weeks in battle.

After graduation from Vanderbilt, my godson Z. recently moved to NYC for "the experience". He's running from God. Pray for salvation and a good church.

My wife and I teach and coach at a high school here. Please pray for the baptism of the Spirit on us to minister on our campus. We want to see revival.

I need freedom from drug addictions and to find my way back to Jesus again. I'm afraid I'm a reprobate because I just can't seem to repent and turn from my sin.