Prayer Requests - SD

Please pray for my mom Joan. Pray her gallstones dissolve, infection clears, and inflammation goes. God's complete healing, no need for surgery. Wisdom.

My husband has end stage cirrhosis of the liver and is struggling to quit drinking. Please pray for his salvation and deliverance from this addiction.

Please pray that my brother Russ returns to his Christian faith. Thank you for all that TSC does for so many around the world.

Please pray for my daughter-in-law Mollie for the healing of breast cancer. Thank you. May God bless TSC and everyone watching this service.

Prayer for my niece Reagan. She is having allergy testing done tomorrow. Praying that the Lord would heal her completely from her food allergies.

Please pray for my brother, he is having an MRI to check on the kidneys and colon. Praying for a good report. Thank you.