Prayer Requests - PA

Dave, who I am not sure if he is a believer, needs healing, Doctor can't figure out why he is sick. Also for Fred, who is a believer, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

My 3 children were raised in the faith but have turned away from Jesus. Lord, please turn their hearts back to you and fill them with Your Holy Spirit.

Ellen is divorcing Keith because he is abusive, dangerous, alcoholic and apostate. Please pray for God mercy and grace for repentance and reconciliation.

Hello I would like prayer over my husband; he is going through a burn out and gets into bouts of depression. I am so out of my depth as a wife.

My cousin died from COVID-19; Pray for peace and emotional and physical healing in the family.

My friend is struggling with severe mental health needs. May God renew her mind and let her only see and hear the voice of Jesus. Heal the family.