Prayer Requests - PA

As a leader of my house, I turned my back on God. Now my house is falling apart. Kids have walked away from God and my marriage is falling apart. Help.

Pray for me that the Lord keep me, strengthen me, heal me, and give me boldness to speak up and speak truth. I'm hurting for a young family member.

Pray for Richie who says he's a girl and is transitioning; family all need salvation and repentance.

My cousin died of an overdose; pray for his mom who is angry at God; pray the love of Jesus touches her/her family, repentance, and salvation for all.

Praying for Sabrina and Luis, that God continue to bless their marriage - with Jesus at the center!

Healing for my friend's son, Billy. Salvation for my brother-in-law, Ray.
Deliverance from Satan's grip for the children of the world. Jesus hears and saves!