Prayer Requests - PA

Pray for my granddaughter who has a baby girl three weeks old and is going through depression and not talking to anybody. Pray she comes to the Lord.

Lord God in heaven I continue to pray that you guide Gabby and me and reunite us in love.

Please pray for me to recover my box full of mini DV's that has a lot of sentimental memories that cannot be replaced. Thank you in advance.

TSC Family, please pray for a brother - Freddy. Healing from cancer, they're moving him to hospice soon. We will believe God for a miracle.

My son is living with his girlfriend, he was going move out this week but decided to stay. Please pray that he comes home and gets saved.

Healing for my brother Rick, who suffers from Lymes. It's affecting his organs now. He lives for and serves the Lord. Also for delivering Lara schizophrenia.