Prayer Requests - OR

I need prayer for Jesus to grant me a revelation of the cross and eternity to soften my heart. Pray I find a church.

My heart has grown cold towards the Lord and the Bible and alot of it was finding a church where the love and power of God are. Please pray.

I have an older sister, who has professed to worshipping and sacrificing older and younger family members to the Anti-Christ. Pray for protection please.

My friend Devin just found out he has an inoperable, non-cancerous brain tumor. He's afraid if it grows it could eventually kill him. I just want prayer.

Son Joshua is spiraling downward physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am heartbroken. Please pray.

Miraculous healing for our sister in Christ, Dr. Mary P. Who was diagnosed with "ALS" and only has a short time to live?