Prayer Requests - OR

Pray for my daughter Miah, who is 17, and believes serious lies about her identity.
My son, Zachary, who had a psychotic break.

Prayer for prostitution, sex trafficking, and kidnapping to come under God's glare and for heaven to open and stop this onslaught on children.

Please pray for me and my family; I have four kids, and my husband and I are getting divorced. I need God's guidance in all of this. I feel broken and sad.

Please pray for salvation for our firstborn child, that God will shine light into the darkness and set free the captive. We trust in Jesus Christ!

Our only son who's 29, has been registered as a female for over four years. We are trusting God for change. Now, a surgery is scheduled for August 5th.

I have 9 grandchildren, 4-10 years old. Praying for salvation. Names are Christian, Adrian, Boston, Baylor, Beckham, Berkley, Rowan, Billy, and Jackson.