Prayer Requests - OK

Please pray for my parents' marriage. The enemy is attacking my whole family. The more I pray the worse it seems to get. But God is faithful!

Please pray that God drives away my soon-to-be ex-wife's boyfriend. He usurped my place and he treats my oldest daughter horribly. Thank you, TSC!

In severe custody battle and I'm growing weary. Wife committed adultery and is trying to take everything and ruin my reputation as a dad/minister.

Please pray for me I need conformation of His forgiveness and refilling of the Holy Ghost after backsliding for years.

Please pray for my son and I. We have to do six days of work, and we only have four days to do it. Pray for wisdom, health, strength, and no accidents. Thanks.

Please pray for postal and all government services. Pray for their integrity, work ethics, and salvation for their souls. Thank you.