Prayer Requests - OK

Please pray for me. Have been having health problems with throat,neck and back problems.

I just found out my family has COVID-19. Pray for Tonya, April, Ashlyn, Sommer, Billy, Cody, and Westyn. For their quick recovery and no complications. Thank you.

Julie has attacked me and my family for 20 years. She broke up my marriage and is trying to take my families inheritance. Ask God to stop her please.

Pray God stops Terry from doing sexual things around my teenage granddaughter. He has been a friend for years, but this needs to stop! In Jesus' name Amen.

My grandchildren are coming. Pray that I am consistent when I tell them something and wisdom for discipline and ministry. Pray also for health, finance and protection.

Please pray for close friend & family member, Jordan, who is blinded by attraction to the same sex. May God open her eyes and save her soul.