Prayer Requests - OK

Please pray for my sister who is facing an overwhelming and desperate situation. She needs God's divine intervention, guidance, and strength.

I'm feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and defeated, but I can't seem to pray through to victory and deliverance. It seems darkness prevails, nothing changes. Please pray for me.

Please pray for the caretakers that are at home taking care of loved ones. Bless them with health, vacation, strength, and love. Thank you.

My son Jason and his wife are going through a horrific divorce and they need God to intervene for the kids sake. They both need salvation!

Pray that Jesus Christ will give my daughters Amy, Nikki, and husband Marvin a fervent heart to seek Him and for worship and praise to magnify Him.

My son Brandon is in the military overseas. He and his unit got COVID-19. Please pray for healing and no long term effects.