Prayer Requests - OH

Please pray for my son Tim's healing and salvation. Also, salvation for my daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Thank you!

Pray for my sister's full recovery from a bicycle accident which resulted in a brain injury, and now her husband is showing signs of Alzheimer's/dementia.

A great awakening in the Americas from the North Pole to the South Pole, where 1 billion people live. Then Lord let the revival spread.

My daughter-in-law was offended by something my other daughter-in-law did and will not forgive her. This is causing a lot of division in our family. Please pray.

Please pray for our son: A place has repeatedly promised him a position and not kept their word. He loves the Lord with his whole heart.

Please pray God's will over our children, that they will walk in truth, see the open doors, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.