Prayer Requests - OH

My mom has been bedridden for 2.5 years following a brain injury. She has muscle atrophy and is trying to relearn to walk. Please pray for a miracle.

My son is 18 and having his third surgery in his life. This particular surgery is a blood tumor in his shoulder. Please pray that it is not cancer.

Continuing to ask for prayer for my family/marriage of 27yrs. Wife in adulterous relationship, family split, divorce proceedings 3 years of this trial.

Please continue to pray for my family/marriage of 27 yrs. Wife left for another married man and filed for divorce for the 2nd time.

My wife is having an affair with another married man and filed for divorce again. Our family and our children are divided. I'm asking God daily to intervene and do a miracle.

Wife left, having affair with another married man. 27 yr marriage with children. Divorce filed for 2nd time. Situation continually worsens. Praying daily.