Prayer Requests - OH

Please intercede for our son and daughter-in-law: They have to move in four days and have nowhere to move yet. To God be the glory!

Son Dan is deeply deceived and in urgent need of spiritual sight and salvation. Separated from his own family by unbelievers around him. PLEASE PRAY!

Pray for my son Frank. He has been so distant since he has gotten married. We need a miracle. He's our only child and it's breaking our hearts.

My grandma recently had a stroke, is having trouble speaking, uncle sickly, and my aunt is waiting on her results. Prayers.

My prayer is that the Lord would heal my back. I feel as though I have been judged and that the Lord can't use me now.

Pray that my son, Dan, will realize the deception he has been under and that he will be able to see clearly, want truth, reconciliation with God, his parents, and grandparents.