Prayer Requests - NY

Please pray for me. I think I have severe mental/enemy oppression (I believe more enemy). It's on my faith and being able to believe that I belong to Jesus.

Please pray for physical healing, for my 7-year-old grandson, Julian. He's contracted monkey pox. He is in a lot of pain. Pray for his sister, mom, and dad.

Please pray for my family and for the people in Tampa. For protection, and for Angels around the people in Tampa, against the hurricane Ian. HEAVENLY FATHER.

I have this fear that I'll get fat. Can you please pray that God would remove it? Thanks.

Pray for Sarah, a Jewish lady that gave her heart to Lord Yes'hayah this morning. She had brain tumors and is going to chemotherapy today. Pray 4 her two kids.

Elizabeth Gomes was brutally beaten inside a subway station. She may lose vision in one eye. She is terrified.