Prayer Requests - NY

I am a born again Christian, yet I hear constant sinister voices and see horrific visions at times. My life is a living hell. I pray for the peace of mind.

Pray that the people will stop the violence in NYC. That we will show love and not hate. Work together instead of against one another. God Loves Us.

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me I will be traveling tomorrow from Fla to NYC. The virus is very bad in Fla right now.

Please pray for our son, Junior. Pray God works thru early intervention, and touches him and heals him supernaturally. God gives us grace and peace.

To obtain a good report for the GI tract and salvation for the family.
I need strong faith and trust that God will give me favor with medical specialists.

Pray God will make all production in stores, and online all well, and blessed without any issues or legal problems, as my company faces hard times.