Prayer Requests - NM

I forgave my wife for adultery and allowed her back into my life, but she did again. I have been in this battle for three years. I need to let go. I'm hurting badly. Please pray.

What am I doing wrong? Addiction to sleeping meds seems hopeless. I can't go to rehab. Family is resentful of me. I keep praying, begging. Help!

Had been lukewarm, off and on since I was 17. The Lord delivered me from alcoholism, but I have severe liver disease. Need restoration. He's not done yet.

Please pray for my family's breakthrough to come soon. We've been waiting on God for years to do what He promised. Pray for the Lord to find us with faith.

Prayer for my brother-in-law Benito Jr. who was put in the ICU this morning. God's hand upon him and salvation.