Prayer Requests - NJ

I need prayer for God to give us victory and justice in court. Also my wife needs her school to reopen again, so they can call and a steady job for me.

Praying for God’s guidance and protection. I’m a nurse. Vaccine mandate is to get it or no work. My husband says I am in fear. Jesus help me!

For my roommate that God will deliver him from all of the fears, shame, guilt, and the sin of pride and to bring him back to a right relationship with God.

For 16-year-old, Jayda. That God will speak to her in her heart to believe in Him as Lord and savior and to totally trust Him with herself. Amen.

Lord, help me organize my life and seek Your will always so that I can reflect Jesus in my life. Thank you for your prayers. God bless!

I have had COVID pneumonia for a week and now have been experiencing spiritual attacks and crushing darkness pressing upon me. Prayer in the name of Jesus it flees.