Prayer Requests - NJ

Prayer for God to heal and restore my fractured family. My 2 only daughters had a falling out on July 2018 and haven't reconciled since. Thank you.

I shared the Gospel again today with my siblings and my sister rejected it! Pray for salvation for all my relatives! And for me and my sister's health. Thanks.

Lord, Please heal my Parkinson's Disease so that I'll have the freedom to serve you and others. Help my daughters to walk with you. Amen.

Prayer for my husband, for success in the upcoming vascular repair of aneurysms in the chest and pelvic areas in late June. Thank you TSC!

Please pray for my sister who might need her foot amputated; her unsaved husband and my unsaved mother. They are continuously fighting. Thanks.

Please pray for my daughter's healing from hopelessness and bitterness. Pray that she'll receive a fresh touch from Jesus along with a full-time job.