Prayer Requests - NH

Pray for protection from COVID-19 and its varients for my grand children as school starts. Protection from radical teachings, that God will give light.

Please pray for my mom and sister. The landlord just told them to be out by October 15. On fixed income. No affordable housing nearby. Both have health issues.

Please pray for me. Been informed have to move by Oct 15, but they want me out by Sept 30. I am a senior with a low income and with an adult daughter.

Kirsten, Savannah, Tina need deliverance from lies of the enemy and for Jesus to restore all that was stolen. Dom needs the wisdom to stand in this trial.

Please stand in agreement for families and marriages that have been devastated, May His church family rise up, and fight the enemy, may God forgive us.

Please pray for JL a teenage young woman about to be homeless and taking care of her sibling. May God provide for her and turn her live around.