Prayer Requests - NH

I don't know what we're going to do. There are no apartments in my mother's price range. She is 74. My sister lives with her. Please pray.

Healing for Bob and Gigi for COVID-19, Bob is in hospital, I pray God will give us the wisdom to defeat this pandemic all Glory to His name.

Josh stressed at work. Marketing Manager for college and father of 4 also building home and prices going up up up. He is a believer and very stressed.

Healing physical and spiritual for Kirsten, Savannah, Dominic, Tina, Joe, Emma Ellie, Candi, Pacey, Liam, Venice, Jim, Sarah, Chloe, Joel Kim, and Ben.

Prayer and intervention for a young man Gianni, very troubled and violent, need the Holy Spirit in his heart. Family members need Jesus s presence.

Please pray for me. Been informed I have to move by Oct 15, want me out by Sept 30. I am a senior, low income with an adult daughter.