Prayer Requests - NE

Please pray for the Lord to enter my marriage and heal my wife's heart toward me and heal my family. Also for guidance for the Lord's plan in my life.

Please pray for Pastor Enoch A. and his family in Nigeria. They just lost their middle son on Tuesday night. He was a youth pastor and 23 years old.

Please pray for my friend Joel. She is facing several life-threatening attacks on her health. Please pray. Thank you.

Please pray, I'm trying to go off hydrocodone cold turkey. I need Jesus! I live alone without any help. I want to serve Jesus and be free from everything.

Desperately need Jesus for salvation, deliverance from opioid and mental problems. Alone without any church like Times Square.

Pray for healing for both my husband's shoulders. He has torn ligaments and damaged rotator cuffs. Let my husband know God's love for him through this healing.