Prayer Requests - NE

I need financial help. Please pray for a miracle, prosperity, protection, and blessings.

My right ankle will quit hurting and will not have degenerative changes. I am also asking for good bone strength.

Praising Jesus! Psalm 145! Today is my first day of work, doing what I love. His timing is perfect! Two and a half year drought is over. He is my deliverer! Hallelujah.

As my daughter gets a new bed (over 20 years old), she gets relief. If it's God's will, not have jaw problems, etc. Ask for mercy from physical symptoms.

Re-injured my right ankle, I had a intestinal flu and still have discomfort. Asking for healing from pain and discomfort and bone strength.

Granddaughter: fluid in her head to be normalized. Has a big head circumference. Pray she will walk normally, instead of on her tiptoes, and expansion of her verbalizations.