Prayer Requests - NC

Please pray for healing for the Nichols family as they walk through the tragic murder of their son. Pray that the mainstream church will help.

Please pray our Sister Andrea will be reinstated on her brother's will so she can pay for his burial. Something is just not right with the Insurance!

Please pray for T. A. who has a chronic illness that's debilitating and painful and she is lashing out because of this. Pray for healing in all areas.

Please pray for Chris's salvation, lost their husband in 2022 and was recently the victim of a pc hacker taking almost all of her accounts and charged up credit cards.

More special education classrooms for students with disabilities. Classroom teachers are so overwhelmed and unintentionally taking it out on students.

Mason, a child in foster care with disabilities, is possibly being abused. More help for Christian foster parents. Thank you for praying for these requests.