Prayer Requests - NC

Please pray for me. There is a constant spiritual warfare in my life, no rest even when I sleep. Please pray for me. I am tired physically and emotionally.

Joelle tested positive for COVID-19 today, and is very ill. She have two kids to care for, youngest has ASD. Pray her job gives sick pay and doesn't hold illness against her. Thanks.

Please pray with us for safe travel and vacation stay (May16-May 22) for my daughter and friend to Virgin Island. God bless you all!

Terrible headache for days. I've been diagnosed with migraines in years passed. Please let this not be one! I cannot take medicine due to bleeding THX.

Today my apt. Did not pass an annual inspection because the water heater failed the test. I need a new one A. S. A. P. Thank you for praying about this.

I've lived in my senior apt. for 14 years. A new downstairs tenant moved in yesterday. I've had not nice tenants for 14 years. Lord let these folks be nice.