Prayer Requests - MT

Please pray for a friend, who has let alcohol control his life, to be completely healed and delivered. That he would let Jesus truly be Lord of his life.

May the will, the way and the word of the Lord our God be fulfilled upon my soul. Also, all this nation to the glory of God and honor of our founding fathers.

God's will and direction in my life after I made a decision that I now believe was a mistake and am not sure what I should do now. Thank you so much!

Pray for spiritual and physical healing for family and friends, most of all for their salvation. Thank You, Jesus.

I'm seeking prayer for my children, that they have comfort and safety. That my wife get treatment for her mental disorder and that God guides me.

Please pray for God's will in my life and for a friend's complete deliverance from alcohol and emotional hurts-that he would completely surrender to Jesus.