Prayer Requests - MS

Allen L. runs a restaurant but has few workers and the ones he has are not dedicated. He needs workers or a new job with benefits. Wants God's will.

Joshua is in desperate need of deliverance. His grandmother had COVID-19 and is having major breathing issues walking a short distance. Please pray. Thanks!

Pray for a man of God, good job for our 21 year old daughter. She is graduating college and wants God's will and feels she will never find a godly man.

I had a seizure, first ever and doctors don't know why. I am taking care of parents and family. The medidine side effects are bad. Pray I don't have another.

Pray for my husband with a block in main artery. His tests are on Friday. I had a seizure, never had one before. Tests next week. Jesus heal our family. Won't stop praying.

Please pray for my 5-year-old granddaughter Aubree who has to see a cardiologist and possibly has to have surgery. Pray for healing!