Prayer Requests - MS

Pray for Alexandria, who has a profound Traumatic Brain Injury post a motor vehicle accident. Cognitive deficits, depression, anger, and thoughts as if she doesn't want to live this life. HELP!

I need prayer for reconciliation with my adult son. We haven't spoken in several years. My heart aches to have a relationship with him.

Please pray protection and favor for our daughter Grayson, who is in ultrasound school and clinicals. Pray for my husband John. He is stressed.

My husband, John applied for a manager job at work. Pray God's will be done, and he will accept the outcome. He has waited on this for years. Glory.

My husband and I are divorcing after ten and a half years. I will be moving to Tampa from NYC via Memphis. Prayers needed for us both.

Allen L. runs a restaurant but has few workers and the ones he has are not dedicated. He needs workers or a new job with benefits. Wants God's will.