Prayer Requests - MS

I need to know the truth of the gospel as it pertains to me. I am a lifelong Pentecostal who loves Jesus, is sinful but wants to live for Christ.
I've been abused.

I'm about to graduate college and need the Lord to guide me in where I should work/live. I really want to find a good church and Christian friends.

A nurse named Monica who my daughter works with has cancer all over and needs a miracle. She is declining fast. Please pray for her and her family.

The spiritual warfare is almost too much. Satan is tearing my home all to pieces. I am born again. Please pray God restore my marriage, my family.

My daughter Grayson is having severe allergic reactions and eczema flair ups. It gets worse even after fasting and prayer. Please pray for healing.

Please pray for my step dad-in-law. He had stents cleaned out and is now having complications. He wants out of hospital. He is saved, trusting God.